New Year's Eve Party Ideas

10…9…8…7… you know the deal. It’s New Year’s Eve friends! Here are some ideas to help any NYE party shine.


Easy Brownie Kabobs

Brownie Kabobs

Looking for a quick dessert solution that still catches the eye? These brownie kabobs are so easy you’ll have twice the time to focus on the difficult decisions… like what in the world you’re going to wear.

New Year's Eve Cupcakes

Confetti Cupcake Clock Display

Everyone will love the New Year's Eve vibe this cupcake clock display creates. 



Mirror Ball Champagne Spritzer

The perfect drink to showcase all the glitz and glam without all the fuss. Adding rock candy as a garnish adds a creatively unexpected look.



Solo Cup Noise Makers

Get kids excited about the evening by having them create these fun noise makers.

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