The Perfect Car Ride Breakfast


"I'm late! I'm late! For a very in the 1st grade."

We understand that mornings can be somewhat of a blur. Between making sure everyone is out of bed and showered, that lunches and backpacks are packed, and figuring out carpool, sometimes you just don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast. You could grab a granola bar or throw something quickly in the microwave on your way out the door, but SOLO's here to teach you a better way. 

Solo® Bowls to Go are every busy person's secret to a mess and hassle free breakfast on the go. They're suitable for hot or cold foods, so you can have a bowl of cereal with cold milk or some steaming hot oatmeal in the car on your way to school. You can even make a homemade strawberry yogurt parfait without any worry that your shirt will go from egg-shell white to strawberry yogurt pink. The bowls come with lids, so if you need to wait until you're sitting down at your desk to eat, your breakfast is secure until you get there, no many how many potholes you drive through. 

That's a morning made simple, and tasty. 


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