Vocab Target Practice

Time to get creative your next vocabulary lesson. How you ask? Vocab target practice, that’s how. We know how important it is to keep every new activity interesting.

Credit: Instagram/@treandlin

What do you need for vocab target practice?

A stack of solo cups, a marker and a nerf gun.

How to play vocab target practice?

Label your cups with each one of the vocabulary words that are being practiced. One per cup. Then stack them in multiple pyramids that are three rows high each. Save five extra cups with words on the side.

Now read the definition of one of the words. The player then says the word they’re aiming for and tries to knock it off the stack. If the player hits that cup and also knocks over more cups at the same time they get to keep all the cups they knocked over. If the player misses, one of the extra cups is added to the stack.

Next, the second player repeats the same process. When all the cups have been knocked down, the player with the most cups collected wins.

Have fun learning!

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