Dolphin Banana Daiquiris

Blend up a banana daiquiri that’s fin-tastic! If you’re looking for a tasty alternative to the typical strawberry daiquiri try these banana daiquiris instead. Plus, how could anyone not love the playful dolphin garnish.


Need something family friendly? Swap the alcohol with lemon-lime soda and it’s a fun summer treat for everyone!

How do I make a banana daiquiri?

1 banana

2 oz. light rum

½ oz. triple sec

1 tsp. sugar

1 oz. lime juice

1 cup ice

1 banana for dolphin garnish


Combine ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

How do I make a cute dolphin garnish?

We just love it when something so fun is also super easy. All you need to do is slice the banana stem and place a cherry in between your cut to create this look. Then dot the eyes with a sharpie and you’re all set. Make sure to triple wash the banana before using so no one has to worry about the peel being in their drink. Or you can use a knife to carefully peel the bottom half of the banana and place that part in the drink.

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