How To Make A Paper Plate UFO

It’s time to go galactic! These Solo Paper Plate crafts are perfect for space themed parties (birthday, Halloween, lunar eclipse, you name it!) or just a great way to let little ones get creative for a few hours. You won't need much in terms of supplies and the end result is always a blast. 

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What Do You Need To make a paper plate UFO?


Here’s what you will need:

2 Solo Paper Plates

2 Glow Sticks

1 Solo Clear Cup

1 Construction Paper

2 Crafting Eyes


You choice of stapler, glue or tape

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Start by cutting a hole in the middle of one of the plates. Then, trace your alien shape on a piece of construction paper and cut it out. (or you can use another toy if you have one laying around)

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Next, add your glow sticks and tape or staple your plates together.

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After that, add your alien cut-out to your UFO and then glue your clear cup over the top of it.

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Have fun and as always, share your creations with us using #SoloCup on your preffered social channel.

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