Star Wars Lanterns

Every party needs a main focal point. And when it comes to a Star Warsparty, drama, and outer space are key. We have the perfect DIY decor element that has it all—a lantern inspired by the upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story out on May 25!

Your little one will be blown away by this craft, featuring none other than the “fastest ship in the galaxy” the Millennium Falcon, along with a classic X-wing and some new ships from the film, including Han’s speeder and the Imperial AT-Hauler.

Star Wars Lantern                   Image Source: Disney Family

Featuring only a few supplies, this craft is super easy to make! You can use it as a centerpiece at your party table or add rope and hang it from a tree or ceiling.

Star Wars Lantern

What You’ll Need

How to Make It

    1. Start by spray painting the front and back of your plates. Depending on the size of the lamp shade, you may need anywhere from 15-30.
    2. Once they have dried completely, fold each one in half.

Star Wars Lantern                   Image Source: Disney Family

    1. Apply hot glue along the fold and attach to the lamp shade.
    2. Continue to glue and attach folded plates all the way around. As you go, you can add in more plates in-between others to make it full.

Star Wars Lantern                   Image Source: Disney Family

    1. To make the ships, download, print, and cut out the templates. Then, use them to trace out ships from the construction paper. You can use the stars in the templates to trace onto construction paper or draw them freehand.
    2. Cut various lengths of floral wire.
    3. Glue a ship or star on the end of each wire.
    4. Glue the other end of the wire in between 2 folded plates. (You may need to hold the wire in place until the glue dries so it doesn’t fall over.)
    5. You can adjust the wires after they’re all glued in and dry, to position the ships and stars how you like.

Star Wars Lantern                   Image Source: Disney Family

  1. If you’re using the lantern as a centerpiece, you’re good to go! If you’re hanging it, tie 3 pieces of rope to the wire part at the top of the lamp shade (so that it’s evenly hung). Then, tie them together on a branch or beam, or hook them onto the ceiling.


All cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

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