Table-Top Easter Egg Game

So the Easter Egg hunt is done, everyone’s hopped up on sugar and now people are getting a bit restless. Here’s how to get a few extra miles out of those plastic eggs from this morning. Create this table top egg roll game and keep the fun going.

Here’s what you need for your Table-Top Easter Egg Game

  • Five plastic or paper cups
  • Five post-it notes

  • Pen and paper to keep score

How to play your Table-Top Easter Egg Game

Tape your five cups evenly across the backside of a table. Then give each cup a point rating and stick it to the top of the cup using your post-it note. This helps everyone remember which cup they should aim for. Next, each person gets a turn rolling ten eggs across the table trying to get the to land in one of the five cups. When all ten eggs have been used, add up their points for the round. Play as many rounds as you like, and good luck!

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