Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary's are tied with mimosas for the favorite brunch drink. This post is a shout out to all the Bloody Mary fans, especially ones who are down to mix it up. We can all agree that celery and tomato perfectly pairs with the drink, but we want to expand our horizons. At your next brunch party, create a Bloody Mary lovers paradise with this toppings bar, and let your guests (and your!) creativity shine.

bloody mary bar-1.jpg

Before you even begin thinking about your drink, you have to address the rim of your Solo® Cup. Will you go with Smoked Paprika Salt? Celery Salt? Lemon Pepper?

Once you've decided, place salt and herbs or Chile powders on a SOLO Paper Plate. We recommend mixing 1 tablespoon of your Chile powder or herb with 1 tablespoon of kosher salt. When you've made your decision, simply run a lime wedge along the rim of your cup and dip it into the seasoning of your choice.

Now it's time for your drink. Fill your cup with 1.5 oz's of vodka, 3 oz's of tomato juice, and 2 tbs lemon juice, then comes seasoning. Some like their Bloody Mary's blazingly hot, and others enjoy them mild yet still flavorful. Let your guests decide their level of heat and intensity of flavor by setting out Tabasco, celery salt, various hot sauces, garlic salt, horseradish, Worcestershire, and black pepper, then have them season away. Place each of your ingredients in Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Bowls so you don't have to worry about dishes once brunch is over!

Once your guests have prepared their drinks base to perfection, it's time for toppings. On Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Plates, place different ingredients to add flare to your cocktail. We recommend bite sized grilled cheeses, mini sliders, pickles, lime, jalapeños, bacon, cheese cubes, olives, asparagus spears, and of course the classic celery and tomato slices. Seriously, get as creative as you want. You really can't go wrong.

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