5 Cool Ideas for Ice Cubes

Always looking for ways to spice up your beverages? Us too! Check out these 5 creative ice cube ideas to add that ‘something extra’ you’re looking for.

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Fruit Ice Cubes

There are so many great options to choose from. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries (basically any tasty berry), diced apples and pomegranates will all work great. Lemon, lime or orange peels are also perfect.

Herb Ice Cubes

Mint, sage or celery leaves are all great options.


Floral Ice Cubes

Chive, kale, arugula and cilantro blossoms are all great options. Chamomile, dandelion and clover flowers also make an excellent visual statement.

Chocolate Milk Ice Cubes

Looking for a sweet addition to any coffee liquor based cocktail? Freeze chocolate milk in your ice cube tray. For kids – they’re also great in vanilla or cream sodas.


Sugar Ice Cubes

Colored sugar sprinkles instantly turn any plain drink into a magical looking one.

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