DIY Solo Cup Bouquet

Looking for a creative way to put together your next bouquet? No trips to the store needed here, just grab some Solo Cups and you’re all set.


Here’s how to make your own DIY plastic cup flowers.

Step 1

With a pair of scissors cut a line from the top of the cup to the base of the cup. Repeat this process around the entire cup, leaving one centimeter in between each of your cuts.

Step 2

Bend one of the strips you have created and put it over the top of the two strips next to it. Then slide the lip of the cup in between the second and third strip to secure it. Repeat this process all the way around the cup.

Step 3

You’ve created your flower! Now add a bit of flair by using a button or piece of paper to create the middle of the flower.

Step 4

Cut a small hole in the middle of each of your flowers and use toothpicks of straw to arrange them into a bouquet.

*take your activity to the next level painting or coloring all the new flowers you’ve created!

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