Creative Ways to Re-Use Your Solo Cups

The party may be over but that doesn't mean the fun has to be. Collect all your cups, rinse them out and use them to create one (or more!) of these clever ideas!

DIY Checkers


Everyone loves the novelty of an over-sized game. Re-purpose your Solo Cups as the pieces and create a game of checkers that no one will forget. King me!

Noisemaker Crafts


Go all out on decorating your Solo Cup noisemakers. The more personality the better. Create a quick way for your guests to celebrate the occasion or use the idea as an everyday activity for the kids. 

DIY Toy Binoculars


Excellent for the make-believe adventurers in your life. Will they discover the mythic, treasure-filled city of cuptopia. Perhaps.

Cup Blowing Challenge

One of the trickiest challenges we've ever tried. Patience, practice and a whole lot of hot air required.

DIY Flower Vases


Keep your bouquet fresh with this easy idea. 

DIY UFO Crafts


An out of this world craft that will take you to infinity... and beyond. 

DIY Party Poppers

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Surprise! Cheers to the most resourceful way to celebrate any occasion. These Solo Cup poppers are fun for all.

Fence Art


There's cup fence art and then there's cup fence are. We commissioned this piece when Elle King played the Solo Cup Harpeth River Stage at the Pilgrimage Festival. However, spelling out a 'be kind' message at your local school is just as wonderful to us. 

Photo Booth Backdrop

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Another fun way to give everyone a memorable experience at your event, party or wherever!

Water Canon Race

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Solo cups and summer fun go together like water cannons and... well... Solo cups!

Water Relay Race


Pour. Catch. Repeat. Indeed! This game is perfect for minute-to-win-it parties and relay races.

Tailgate Napkin Holders


Keep things neat during your next game day gathering. Hopefully no one challenges any of your rulings. 

Mini basketball Hoop

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Get ready for the tastiest trick shots around.

Golf Trick Shots

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You've seen them. You've tried them. You've enjoy that blissful moment of success. The other 2-hours of failure... less so. Solo Cups really are the perfect rick shot target.

Karate Trainingsolo_cup_karate_training

Only the most focused will succeed. *while balancing on a medicine ball. What?!

Leprechaun Hat Craft


Tip your cap to the luckiest little craft around.

Seasonal Cup Wreath

Seasonal DIY Cup Wreath

An amazing, DIY wreath that will look great for years to come. Solo Cup wreaths are super easy to collapse and store too!

Fun DIY Characters


DIY flag art


The best Fourth of July decor ever! This Solo Cup American flag is a great piece of Americana for any occasion. Cheers to the red, white and blue. 

Sparkler Guards


The perfect Fourth of July hack to keep little - and big - hands safe while celebrating with all those sparklers. This Solo Cup sparkler guard will make you the genius of the party. 

Boo’s Breath Game

This one's for everyone who loves the Halloween boo's. *wink* But seriously, this Solo Cup Halloween game is a hauntingly good time. 

Tower of Terror Game

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Quick hands are the only way to keep these monsters from crashing down. Can you complete this Solo Cup Halloween challenge?

DIY Reindeer Craft


This time Rudolph's whole head can be red! These Solo Cup Reindeer crafts are just too cute for Christmas.

holiday Ornament Storage


A hack to fill you with all the holiday cheer. Try these Solo Cup ornament stackers to keep your beautiful decorations safe for years to come.

Reindeer Antlers Game


Rudolph and all the other reindeer will be so jealous. Who wouldn't want to catch Hershey Kisses in their antlers? Solo Cup reindeers antlers are a fun addition to any holiday party.

DIY Light Ball Decorations


So easy. So festive. So fun! Craft your way to a clever, diy holiday look. These cup balls really come together in a stunning way. They truly look like high-end decorations yet take 5-10 minutes to create.

DIY Christmas Ornaments


Pop in your child's photo and you've got the cutest framed Christmas ornament. This is such a simple craft yet yields an ornament that will create smiles for years to come.

Light String Decorations

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Add a little extra flair with these cup string lights. 

Holiday Prize Wall Game



Cupcake Gift Holders


STEM Project - Erupting Volcano

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STEM Game - Marble Madness

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STEM Project - Flower Color Experiment

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STEM Game - Solve and Stack


STEM Project - Diy Anemometer

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STEM Project - Chain Reaction

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STEM Vocab Targets


STEM Project - Storm in a Cup


Workout Accessories

DIY Marshmallow Launcher


Art Supplies Organizer

Art Supplies Organization

Musical Contraption


diy led Cup Night Lights


DIY Shark Craft

DIY Shark Craft

DIY Ladybug Craft


DIY Turkey Craft

DIY Turkey Craft

DIY Penguin Craft


DIY Easter Bunny Masks

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DIY Rocket Craft

DIY rocket craft

Creative Ice Cube Molds


Drawer Organizers


Diy Flower Bouquet


Superhero Mask Crafts

Superhero mask crafts

Cup Bowling


Crazy Face Cups


Flip Cup Tic-Tac-Toe

Tabletop Ball Racing


Chores Roulette


Classic Cup Stacking


vegetable seed starters


halloween costumes


puppy party hats





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