Flying Spiders Halloween Game

Beware of the flying spiders! This fun Halloween activity is super easy to create.

What do I need for my DIY flying spiders game?

Step 1

Place one popsicle stick on top of another and wrap a rubber band tightly around one of the ends.

Step 2

Take a take of four more sticks and band them together. Take this stack and slide it between your other two popsicle sticks pushing it down to where it meets the other rubber band.

Step 3

Then make a figure 8 with your last rubber band and use it to connect all the sticks together.

Step 4

Now that you have your launcher ready to go, grab your Solo Paper Plates. Using your markers decorate the plates in your fav Halloween theme. Add how many points you get for landing a spider on a plate and you’re ready to play.

Take turns and have fun!

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