SOLO CUP Games: Gone Fishing


Many of us have dug for worms, sat out on a pier, and waited for the fish to bite. But for some of us the closest we've come is playing that magnetic fishing game where you hold a small plastic pole and hope the magnet on the end of it sticks to a magnet in one of the plastic fishes mouths "swimming" around in front of you. Sound familiar? I guarantee you thought that game was a blast when you were young, and I guarantee that your kids will think it's a blast, too. If you're on a time crunch or simply don't want to purchase this game we have a super easy DIY version for you to create out of Solo® cups! All you'll need is different colored Solo® Squared cups, permanent markers, pipe cleaners, scissors, yarn, 2 sticks of some sort (either purchased from a craft store or fairly straight sticks collected from the outside) and glue.

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The goal of Gone Fishing is to 'catch' as many fish as possible using your fishing pole. Two players compete against one another, and the first person to catch 6 fish wins!

How to make Gone Fishing:

  • Select 11 Solo® Squared cups of a few different colors (or just one if that's what you have on hand!), turn them upside down, and draw fish faces on their sides in permanent marker. Pro-tip: Get as creative as you want! Consider drawing other animals like crabs and sharks on the cups as well. You can even affix fish fins or crab pinchers made out of construction paper or pipe cleaners, or add on googley eyes if you're looking to make this game a craft before you play.
  • Cut a small 'x' in the middle of the top of each cup, then form a loop out of a pipe cleaner. Make sure the loop is big enough so that a hook can be easily placed through it. Stick the loops ends through one cups 'x' slit, then turn the cup over and knot the pipe cleaner so the loop won't accidentally come loose while you're fishing. Repeat for all remaining cups.
  • To create your fishing pole, cut about a foot and a half of yarn. Wrap yarn around one end of the stick, allowing about a foot and a quarter of yarn to hang off the end, and then secure the wrapped portion with glue. Make a pipe cleaner into a hook shape (you may want to double up for added weight!) and tie the yarn around the top portion, then repeat for second pole.

How To Play:

Set out the fish & sea creature cups on a table. The fish don't need to be in any order, but make sure they aren't too close together or too far apart! Have each player grab their fishing pole and stand on opposite ends of the table. When the game starts, the players compete to catch fish the fastest. The first player to catch 6 fish wins! 


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