Picnic PB & J

If you're enjoying a number of finger foods at your picnic, it may not make sense to pack full peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for each guest. Rather than taking the time to make whole sandwiches and risk wasting food, make these bite sized picnic PB & J's! They'll allow guests to decide how much PB & J they want to eat compared to other foods you're serving, and keep everyone from adults to kids happy, full, and satisfied.


To make these bite sized goodies, prepare a PB & J sandwich as you usually would. We recommend making sandwiches for half of the people attending your picnic (if you had 6 guests then you would prepare 3 sandwiches). Once done, cut into small squares, place 1-2 mini sandwiches on each toothpick, serve on Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Plates, and dig in!

Topics: food