Glimmering Rainbow Salad

Fruit salad? Yummy yummy! (random reference to the Wiggles show. sorry.)

Fruit salad is a GREAT way to add something a wee bit healthy to your happy hour menu, plus it is a guaranteed kid pleaser. There are literally thousands of fruit salad recipes online to choose from, but LISTEN UP FOLKS: you can't screw this up, we promise.

We were inspired by this dish from and just adapted a little based on the fact that we weren't interested in fully reading the recipe. ;)

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Glimmering Gelatin Rainbow "Salad"

Enjoy this fruity dessert that you can eat on the go! #whatsinyourcup?

Serving Size = 12, Prep time = :20

  • 1 pack of Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Plates or 1 pack of Solo® Snack Bowls
  • 3, 3 oz. packages of gelatin (Preferrably orange or pinapple flavor)
  • Rainbow of Fruit: Rasberries, Strawberries, diced Mango, green grapes, purple grapes - all cut up into small 1/4 inch pieces. One to two packages of each fruit should more than suffice.

How To Make:

  1. Using a bunt pan, layer in all of the fruit in rainbow formation.
  2. Prepare gelatin as directed, pour over fruit and place in fridge for 3+ hours to ensure that it fully forms.
  3. To serve, overturn on a cake plate, wait for 5 minutes. If gelatin doesn't separate from the pan, you may "encourage" it with a knife.
  4. Serve on Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Plates or Solo® Snack Bowls. 

Does our version photograph as nice as Natalya's version? No... but we had FUN making it and FUN eating it, and that's what really matters right?


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