STEM with SOLO: DIY Anemometer

Looking for a windy day STEM project? Make your own Solo Cup anemometer. This clever creation will blow you away.

What do you need to create a DIY Anemometer?

  • Thumb tack
  • Pencil
  • Solo Paper Plate
  • (4) Solo Paper Cups
  • Glue

How to make a DIY Anemometer?

Follow these easy steps to create your own DIY anemometer with Solo Paper Plates and Cups.

Step 1

Apply glue to the side of a Solo Paper Cup and glue it the edge of your Solo Paper Plate.

Step 2

Repeat that process for all four paper cups and space them evenly around the edge of your plate.

Step 3

Put the thumb tack through the center of your plate.

Step 4

Use your pencil to mark a large ‘x’ on one of the cups.

Step 5

Then, push the eraser of the pencil into the thumb tack to create your handle.

You’re all set! Find a windy spot and count the number of times the cup with the ‘x’ rotates around in 30 seconds. Record that number. Repeat this for 5 days. Then use online wind speed data to match the number of rotations to the wind speed that day.

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