Where Are You SOLObrating This Summer?

There are so many places in the summer to enjoy good friends and family in the sunshine. Be it the beach, farmers market, the park, or your own backyard, there are unique activities you can partake in at each location. You can...


Play Tipsy Waiter at the Park

Tipsy Waiter is a variation of dizzy bat that is sure to be a hit with the whole family, especially on a hot summer day. This game is totally silly and will leave your stomach sore from you laughing as you watch your teammates run while they're dizzy and trying not to spill any of their water. Odds are at least one of you dumps the whole tray over! All you need to play is a bunch of your friends & family, two trays, two bats, a pack of Solo® Squared cups, two buckets, and water. 


Make Toast With Fresh Strawberries After a Trip to the Farmers Market

Ricotta, strawberry, basil, and honey toast is so tasty you'll want to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's even tastier when strawberries are in season and you've just picked them out at the farmers market! To make this delicious toast, begin by toasting your choice of bread so it's warm and lightly browned. Once toasted, spread ricotta cheese onto the bread, then top with freshly sliced strawberries. Add a sprinkle of basil and a drizzle of honey, then dig in!

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Play Gone Fishing in Your Backyard

If you don't have a way to dig for worms, sit on a pier, and wait for the fish to bite this summer, this DIY game is the perfect way to bring all the fun of fishing to your own backyard. Find out how to create and play the game here.

Or Keep Your Valuables Safe at the Beach:

You come home from the beach and go to pull your phone, wallet, and headphones out of your bag. What do you find? They've been covered in sand, sitting in a pile of it at the bottom of your bag all day. Face it, we've all been there. Keep your your valuables you want to keep safe and sand free by placing them in a Solo® Squared cup, popping a lid on it, and tossing it in your bag. Even if sand finds its way inside your bag, you can rest assured that your valuables are untouched. Now that's the way to SOLObrate.

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