12 DIY Crafts for Everyday Fun At Home

Looking to unleash some creative energy? We've got just the thing. Raid the kitchen drawers and make one - or all! - of these fun, at-home crafts.

DIY Noisemaker Crafts


Noisemakers are a key component of every ‘around the house’ marching band. Experiment by filling them with different items to affect the sound they make. Some suggestions – dry pasta, loose change, salt and dry beans. Make sure to spend time decorating each one as well. You’ll want everyone to know which one is yours when you're making those sweet, sweet, pasta sounds.

DIY Toy Binoculars


Adventure you say? Treasure be near? Grab your cup binoculars and head out on the trail. Hide a few clues around the house so your little explorers can follow the path to the certain riches and wonder that await. Feeling less ambitious? Use them to have a fun bird watching session out your back window and talk about which birds like to visit your yard.

DIY Marshmallow Launcher


If a bit of competition is what you crave then these next to ideas are right up your alley. Create these marshmallow launchers and then sit at opposite ends of the room. Next to each person set a cup, a hat and a large bowl. Take turns launching your marshmallows to try to land them in one of the objects. Bowl = 1 point. Hat = 3 points. Cup = 5 points.

DIY Mini basketball Hoops


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Similar to the marshmallow launcher game above. Create your Solo Cup basketball hoops. Then sit at opposite ends of a table and take turns trying to sink shots using popcorn, pretzels or another snack of your choice.

DIY UFO Crafts


More interested in some sci-fi fun? Make your own Paper Plate and Cup UFO’s to hang around your room. This craft is super easy and offers endless opportunities to customize your spaceships. Maybe two aliens, or five plates, or extra wide-wings? The galaxy is your oyster. Or something like that.

DIY Cup Lights


Speaking of galaxies – you can use this craft to create your own star and planet filled universe. Or whatever other design you’d like to create. Just remember to only use LED lights inside of the cups. Do not put real candles in the cups.

DIY Rocket Crafts

DIY rocket craft

Aliens and UFO’s can’t be the only things roaming around the galaxy. Put together these DIY rockets and send them out on an exploratory mission.

DIY Shark Craft

DIY Shark Craft

Aww sharks, these shark cups are just too cute.

DIY Penguin Craft


However, these adorable penguins might not quite feel the same way. Just make sure to keep these happy feet far enough away from the chompers above and hopefully we’ll all get along swimmingly. 😊

DIY Flower Bouquets


Looking to keep your crafting a bit more serene? Create a lovely Solo Cup flower bouquet.

DIY Superhero Masks

Superhero mask crafts

Pint-sized heroes says it all. Your little heroes will love creating and decoration these fun masks as they prepare to protect the house and all those depending on them. Evil-Doers beware!

DIY Crazy Face Cups


Bring on the silly times creating these wacky cup faces. You’ll be amazed how many funny combinations you can come up with.

So have fun getting crafty and share you creations with us on social by using #solobration!


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